Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Huawei smartphones is now with almost borderless screens with its Mate 10 Pro.
The 6-inch (15.2 cm) screen displays a Full HD + definition (2160 x 1080p), so an 18: 9 ratio. Screen type is
Amoled.the Mate 10 Pro is a very large smartphone, difficult to use with one hand.

With a maximum brightness of 548 cd / m² and a light reflection rate of 8%, the Mate 10 Pro is perfectly legible in bright sunlight. The screen color of the Mate 10 Pro is excellent. You still have to go through the display settings and activate the “Normal” color mode. Once this profile is chosen, we obtain a very good E delta at 1.9, among the best on the market and a temperature close to the norm (6 500 K) measured at 6 630 K.

Finally reactivity, the Mate 10 Pro makes things pretty well. We noted a 71 ms tactile delay and zero remanence.

We expected progress from the Mate 10 Pro in photo, but unfortunately, we do not notice. The smartphone is always based on a double Leica branded module, with a 12 Mpx color sensor and a 20 Mpx monochrome sensor.
the Mate 10 Pro keeps a quick focus.A “2x zoom” option is also included, In daylight, the Mate 10 Pro is doing well and produces warm images.

The 8MP front camera sensor does not really stand out from the competition. It provides a correct service overall, with good management of the backlighting. We regret that the smoothing is also pronounced, even when the effect “beauty” is not activated

With its SoC Kirin 970 supported by 6GB of RAM, the Mate 10 Pro has no problem to provide strong performance. Nothing seems to be able to slow it down, not even the HEAVY apps that are starting fast in any other latest phone. The time to move from one app to the other is a simple formality difficult to undermine Huawei’s giant.

Like most smartphones that have chosen almost border-less screens, the Mate 10 Pro has its fingerprint reader on the back. It falls perfectly under the index when taking the smartphone in hand

Charging and usage/standby
It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes for a full charge cycle with the supplied quick charger.The Mate 10 Pro 2 days of standard use and will not expire before the end of the morning of the second day in case of intensive use.the Mate 10 Pro is 16 hour and 20mins usage time. It’s 1 hour and 30 minutes shorter than the Mate 9, but it’s still way above the 12 hours 17mins of a Galaxy Note 8

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